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Registered Nurse

12 years experience in beauty

6 years experience in aesthetics

4 years experience as a nurse

6 years experience as a mum!

I grew up with the worst case of acne my GP had ever seen. I know first hand how our appearance can effect our wellbeing. Did I subconsciously pursue this career? Maybe, I have explored this industry at every level, and at the age of 38, I can't wait to see what aesthetics can do for my confidence at 40! Book a consultation with me, I love seeing my clients smile when they look in the mirror after a treatment, it's great karma!


Brow & Lash Expert

15 years experience as a brow and lash technician

6 years experience microblading

42 years experience as an undiscovered bond girl


I have worked for one of the busiest salons in Manchester, now I work for myself. I have really learnt that each person is different, colour, shape, length and thickness all play a part in the final result whether its lashes, brows or microblading. 8mm or 10mm? Sable brown or blue black?  Straight or curved? Lateral or lifted? We can discuss it all when you come in, one thing is certain, after 15 years of only brows and lashes, I'm sure of what will suit you.

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