"OMG you were beautiful enough before!"

A decision to get lip fillers or facial fillers should be our own personal choice. In an ideal world we will make this decision in complete isolation without worrying about the opinions of others.

However, this is the real world and we have friends, family, partners and work to think about. For some unknown reason other people have an easy time telling us exactly what they think about our fillers. Just like expecting mummies have to traverse a sea of touchy hands and body comments, it seems lip fillers fall into the 'free for all types of reactions' category. Where in certain scenarios people we love can forget that what they're saying is not necessarily helpful.

"OMG what a tiny bump" Does that mean I'm not growing my baby big enough?

"Your hair is looking dry, it's gonna be a girl" Thanks, that makes me feel great

"You're eating loads, thats gonna be a big baby" Like I'm not going to be conscious now! Also I'm scared, no one wants to think about birthing a 10 pounder

When it comes to lip filers especially comments vary.

"Woah I can tell you've had your lips done!" Yes babe thats what I've paid for, I mean I'd be disappointed if no one at all could tell.

"You were beautiful enough before you didn't need it" I don't get it, are you saying I'm uglier now? No one NEEDS cosmetic surgery and what do you mean pretty enough? Is there a cap I don't know about? Seriously those combination of words do not make sense, say what you mean bitch.

"What have you done to your face?" What have you NOT done to yours? You're all gums and smokers lines mum, you should come with me next time.

There is ONE important thing to keep in mind when you book in for fillers.

It's your face, it's your canvas

Just like a tattoo no one needs to know why you've had it done or what influenced your decision to go for it. These days our friends and family recognise that tattoos are a form of self expression and not gang affiliation as it used to be in the 60's and 70's.

Nowadays we get tattoos to commemorate having survived hardship, or sentimental reminders of our love of our children, our backgrounds or of a type of art that speaks to us. In the 90's certain high street companies would not hire you if you had visible tats. Times change and the older generation are usually the last to catch up, it's always been the way of the world.

In the past lip fillers especially have been seen as a tool for those with excessively low self worth who are attention seeking and desperately trying to stay in the limelight. A lot of negative reactions in everday scenarios come from this impression which is only exasperated by fillers gone wrong which have turned Pete Burns' battle with self confidence into a public joke to be mocked and ridiculed. Please remember that some individuals will thrive on these stories to make themselves feel better about never having had fillers themselves and they will push their opinion on anyone and everyone they can. Don't take their comments personally.

Have faith that the general public will eventually see fillers for what they are. An expression of self love, a commitment to personal growth and self improvement. Physical external change is connected to an internal mental change. When you're sat at home looking in the mirror and considering a big bold brave new you, I know you're not thinking about Lesley trout pout or Meg Ryan or even Kylie Jenner. You're not thinking about the opinions of others or even the fact that fillers are hugely popular. Between you and the Mirror lies the truth and if you want a second opinion I'm here to help. As us nurses say in services "There is no health without mental health". Wearing an outward sign of change on our lips can signal a new chapter of growth in our lives. A little shift away from being a product of nature and chance towards taking pre-meditated control of our appearance. The seizing of an internal confidence to push us through the demands of social pressure which can happen organically without us even realising it. This can be something simple like embracing our femininty when someone has made us feel less than worthy. Or it could hold a deeper meaning, like associating a beautiful face with a more successful life (or the perception of one which is actually the same thing) Whatever the reason, everyone with fillers have the same thing in common, an awakening to more self improvement through the cannula of confidence.

I literally inject confidence. It's my favourite part of the treatment and so it's my responsibility to make sure my clients are seeking a personal level of self improvement which will benefit their lives to the tune of their own vision and not just for the approval of others, which will inevitably leave them feeling hollow when the hype wears off.

If you know why you're doing this to your face try giving your truth when you're asked an in appropriate question. Yes it means exposing your vulnerability but hopefully you've already done the soul searching and discovered more about who you are in the process.


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