"OMG you were beautiful enough before!"

A decision to get lip fillers or facial fillers should be our own personal choice. In an ideal world we will make this decision in complete isolation without worrying about the opinions of others.

However, this is the real world and we have friends, family, partners and work to think about. For some unknown reason other people have an easy time telling us exactly what they think about our fillers. Just like expecting mummies have to traverse a sea of touchy hands and body comments, it seems lip fillers fall into the 'free for all types of reactions' category. Where in certain scenarios people we love can forget that what they're saying is not necessarily helpful.

"OMG what a tiny bump" Does that mean I'm not growing my baby big enough?

"Your hair is looking dry, it's gonna be a girl" Thanks, that makes me feel great

"You're eating loads, thats gonna be a big baby" Like I'm not going to be conscious now! Also I'm scared, no one wants to think about birthing a 10 pounder