Your 2 week review period is an ethical choice

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

We take a person-centred approach to treating our clients. Health care professionals are bound by a strict ethical code of conduct when it comes to treating clients and person-centred care is at the heart of this code. Whilst person-centred care applies mainly to GP or Hospital settings, we bring the core principles into our clinic.

This does't just mean being nice and smiling at everyone, we operate a client-centred care model on a 'business as usual' model.

Adopting person-centred care as ‘business as usual’ requires fundamental changes to how services are delivered and to roles – not only those of health care professionals, but of patients too – and the relationships between patients, health care professionals and teams. Despite the challenges in making this shift, person-centred care does exist, in a modest but growing number of services, with positive outcomes. It requires effort, but it certainly is possible.

(The Health Foundation, 2016)

Person-centred care effects almost every aspect of our business including the ethical implications which is the over-riding factor behind your free 2 week period.

Some of our approaches don't apply to the outcome of your treatment directly but a combination of the way in which your booking is handled can go a long way towards easing your nerves and helping you feel prepared for your big day. For example, the opposite of patient-centred care is a waiting room full of other nervous clients and a 3-4 hour wait. This puts the needs of the business first and the needs of clients last.

"Calls for patient-centered care have often emphasized the implementation of infrastructural changes" (Epstein RM et al, 2011). Our infrastructural commitments are listed below.

  • Free 2 week review for all treatments. If you are making any changes to your face it's important to have priority access to your injector when it's all settled down. This means at a time when the swelling has died down and the true result is showing and this usually takes about 2 weeks. This is important for many reasons. I don't want you to live with a result you aren't 100% happy with as I know this can effect your wellbeing. Also with some areas such as undereyes aka tear troughs, it is much better to under treat the area and then tweak it or add to it 2 weeks later. In this area a millimetre of filler may be a millimetre too much once the HA content picks up with water and swells with volume, this usually takes a couple of days. We certainly do not want to dissolve filler under the eyes unnecessarily if it picks up with water more than expected. Not many clinics offer a 2 week review, but taking a person-centred approach means you don't have to worry if you think you want more filler or need a tweak to the results, I will message you automatically nearer the time.

  • What matters to me? You'll see this question on the booking form. It's an open question and there is no wrong or right answer. I have had every comment you could imagine from, "That the injector talks all the way through the session" to "I don't want to feel a thing". This seems small and insignificant but if I treated all my clients the same then someone will be upset at some point. Whilst a talkative practitioner is important to one person, it might be off putting for someone else. What matters to you?

  • Straight in the door and onto the treatment couch. Many of our clients book in during lunch breaks, some have paid for car parking or are simply too nervous to wait for long periods of time in the waiting area. We do not book clients back-to-back unless you are arriving with a friend who is also having a treatment leaving the treatment bed ready and waiting.

  • Personal notes when booking in. Many clients leave notes on their booking which I can see as soon as the notification comes through. "Please allow time for extra numbing", "I have a needle phobia", "Ill be coming straight after work", "I want cheeks like Gigi". I take these comments on board and am sure to raise them when we meet.

  • Post treatment support and report. All my clients have a 24 hour access number for support if they are worried or want advice. Usually it's questions like, "Hi, Christine can I have a glass of wine tonight?" or "Is this normal?". Having a connection over Whatsapp means I never miss a message. You will also be sent your receipt along with a before and after picture.

  • Pre-payment to avoid carrying large sums of money. I am often asked if pre-payment is possible. Some clients like to know their treatment is paid upfront so they can budget for the month easily, others prefer not to carry large sums of money although we do accept card payments. It's simply a case of personal preference.

  • Continuous free advice. Many of my clients message with skincare questions, or want advice on a treatment they are considering even if it's a treatment I do not offer. If you have had a treatment with me before then you have your foot in the door towards making quick and informed decisions about any other treatments you might be thinking of and I'm happy to share my knowledge.

  • An Uber to and from Picadilly Station. All you have to do is get to Picadilly Station then message me. We are only a 10 minute walk away but an Uber will make finding us and getting home that much more stress free.

A person-centred approach is fitting for a service that will alter the way you look and leave a lasting result on your face and it adds so much satisfaction to my job when I have met your expectations.


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